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A good ride starts with good gear…

You may notice that we don’t have a bunch of bikes and product posted here with some slick product selection tool, and for good reason, as we have the best product selection tool ever devised: two well stocked retail locations!

We have a broad selection of models, sizes and colors of bikes, helmets, car racks, clothing, tires, derailleurs, nutrition, saddles, wheels, et cetera, et cetera, on hand. We also have friendly and knowledgeable folks available, 362 days a year, to help you find the right bike stuff for you. Although looking at pictures on the internets is fun, nothing beats being able talk to a real person, face to face, and nothing beats actually test riding a bike and trying on gear, or getting first hand advice on the right components.

We are pretty discerning about the companies that we choose to represent in our shops.

There are many suppliers in the bike business who who make it easy on us to make your ride as good as it can be. Things like quality product design and manufacturing are obvious attributes of  a good  company.

But suppose you do have a warranty issue. Will a manufacturer quickly replace your bike, component or accessory so you can keep riding, or will they keep you waiting for weeks or months?

Some companies choose to sell everywhere to everyone, and sometimes their products are available cheaper than their competitors’. This is often an unsustainable model, and these companies eventually go out of business. If you need parts for that company’s product, will they be around when you do?

We try to avoid working with companies who focus exclusively on advertising and superficial branding. A good graphics package is nice, and we really like that some of our suppliers drive business to our stores, but if their products don’t get the job done on your ride, then we all look bad.

We stock hundreds of products from scores of suppliers. If there is a bike, component, accessory or cycling clothing that you want, we can probably get it for you.

The below list is a representation of brands whose products that we choose to keep in stock. We have many others in addition to these as well.

The companies denoted with their logos are the key brands that have chosen to partner with us and we with them. We are more apt to have a full range of these brands in stock at all times, and we may be the only bike shop in the area to stock these brands.


We have a diverse selection of bikes in stock at all times: everything from new to used, inexpensivekid’s bikes to high-end carbon fiber full-suspension. Road, mountain, touring, town-cruiser, BMX, DH/Downhill/Freeride, cyclo-cross, fixed gear, tandem…you name it, we have it!

Strollers & Trailers

We stock premium bike trailers and jogging strollers.


We stock a broad selection of gear to use on your ride, and for before and after!

Clothing & Eyewear

We have clothing and shoes in sizes and colors for you to try on. We stock mens, womens and kids cycling clothing as well as some options in casual wear.

Car Racks

We keep most of the Yakima car rack line in stock, including a selection of ski and boat racks and luggage boxes.


We keep a comprehensive selection of basic bike components, like cassettes, derailleurs and chains, on hand so that we can help you keep you bike running at all times. We also stock some great upgrades from the following companies.


Our food selection encompasses basic bars to take with you on your weekly trail ride through the technically advanced competitive nutrition products made by Hammer Nutrition. Check with our staff for advice on how to get the most performance from our offerings in this department.