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Proper fit is just as important as a well adjusted, well-speced bike.

At Absolute Bikes, we are proud to have Certified BG Fit Technicians. We are the only bike shop in Northern Arizona to offer BG Fit, which incorporates several functional and structural evaluations of the cyclist’s body. These evaluations are applied to the rider while on the bike to make them both more comfortable, more efficient, and injury-free.

Even though the top professional cycling teams in the world use the BG Fit system, anyone can benefit from a BG Fit. The most casual rider can be more comfortable and get rid of those numb hands or achy knees.

Because of the detailed nature of BG Fit, we ask that you call ahead and schedule an appointment. That way we will be able to focus their full attention on your fit. Please contact our fitters at either the Flagstaff location – Jared (jared@absolutebikes.net) or the Sedona location – Nate (nate@absolutebikes.net) to set up and appointment. We are able to schedule fits in either Flagstaff or Sedona. A full BG Fit is approximately a two-hour process and costs $200.

We also offer a basic bike sizing which includes adjusting saddle height, saddle for/aft position, and altering reach to the handlebars. All bikes with air suspension will be properly sagged accordingly to the rider’s weight. A basic bike sizing costs $60 an hour.

What to expect during your Body Geometry Fit

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