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Absolute Bikes November 2019 Newsletter

Absolute Bikes November 2019 Newsletter


There is a transition occurring at Absolute Bikes, Anthony Quintile is no longer the general manger, Kyle McKendree has taken over that role. You all know Kyle, he has been the shop manager at the Flagstaff Absolute Bikes for many years. Not only is he a great guy, but Kyle can fix anything!

As for Anthony, I cannot express my gratitude enough for all he has done for Absolute Bikes, the cycling community of Flagstaff, and even bike advocacy at the state and national level. He has worked tirelessly for decades, with Flagstaff Biking Organization, the City of Flagstaff, Coconino County, the US Forest Service (locally to nationally), Arizona Snowbowl, other bike shops, IMBA and many other organizations. He used his time writing comments and letters, sitting through long meetings, helping bureaucrats understand the needs of cyclists to help shape policies beneficial to all of us. He has been quoted in many, varied publications where he has helped journalists understand the nuances of issues facing cyclists everywhere. He has refined and improved the bike events and races that Absolute Bikes promotes making them bigger, better and more fun every year.  In doing so he helped raise tens of thousands of dollars for the Flagstaff Family Food Bank, The Taylor House, the Flagstaff Trail Fund and other worthy charities. The Fort Tuthill Bike Park would not exist without Anthony. He has secured grants and negotiated deals creating new trails and improving old ones. He has been a solid, dependable, hard working manger of Absolute Bikes for 20 years. I, and all of us wish him luck and success in his future endeavors.

So, when you see Anthony around, tell him thanks!

Back here at Absolute Bikes, we’ll be continuing to provide the best customer service that we can while selling great bikes and other fun stuff and trying out some fresh ideas.

Thank you for all of your Support, Ken

Upcoming events and info (not necessarily sequential…)

2019 Rental bikes are up for sale! Bikes starting as low as $349! Carbon road bikes as low as $1199! Check our sale lists and get in ASAP for some of the best deals on used bikes! We have these bikes priced to go because our 2020 rental fleet is on the way and we need to make room. Sedona sale list: https://www.absolutebikes.net/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/Sedona-072619-On-Sale-List.pdf Flagstaff bike sale list: https://www.absolutebikes.net/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/Flagstaff-Bikes-072619-On-Sale-List.pdf All sale lists: https://www.absolutebikes.net/sales/closeouts-giftcertifcates-swag/ Call (928) 779-5969 (Flagstaff, or (928) 284-1242 (Sedona) with questions.

AZ Cross Valley of the Sun CX Series- Race ‘cross in AZ!  Series starts in November. Click here for details. https://azcross.com/schedule/

The 2020 Taylor House Ride registration is live! July 18, 2020- Early registration deals, so sign up now! Northern Arizona’s best road cycling event. Click for details: https://www.absolutebikes.net/event/2020-taylor-house-ride/

Museum Fire Closure in effect, but stay tuned for changes! The Coconino National Forest has issued a Closure Order for the Mount Elden/Dry Lake Hills and Fort Valley areas because of the currently ongoing Museum Fire, and probable flooding. Stay tuned for updates and changes as the monsoon takes affect and the fire is contained. https://www.fs.usda.gov/Internet/FSE_DOCUMENTS/fseprd647113.pdf

Flagstaff Biking Organization Trail Days! Absolute Bikes will be sponsoring two Flagstaff Biking Organization Trail Days this summer! Click here for the complete schedule: https://flagstaffbiking.org/mountain/trail-program/trail-schedule/

Wednesday Shred the Red Technical Rides, Absolute Bikes Sedona! Hone your skills on some of Sedona’s most challenging terrain with some of the best riders in the Southwest! 7:30 am-10am-ish, Wednesdays starting at Absolute Bikes, Sedona.

Friday Night Rides, Absolute Bikes Sedona! Hone your skills on some of Sedona’s most challenging terrain with some of the best riders in the Southwest! 6:30 pm, Fridays starting at Absolute Bikes, Sedona.

2019 RENTAL AND DEMO BIKES ON SALE! http://www.absolutebikes.net/sales/shop-online/bikes-on-sale Call 928-779-5969 or 928-284-1242 for details or stop in either Absolute Bikes location!

Check out our web site! http://www.absolutebikes.net !

Check out our Team Absolute Bikes Facebook Group- You don’t have to be a member of Team Absolute Bikes to hang out with us and our Team Members! This group is a forum to hook up for rides, maybe snag a lift to a race or a trail day, discuss bikes and more! https://www.facebook.com/groups/324203578069485/

Absolute Bikes Group Rides!

  • Hucks and Hops! Saturdays – Meet at Absolute Bikes Sedona at 10:00 am.
  • Wednesday Shred the Red Technical Trail Rides! Meet at Absolute Bikes Sedona at 7:30 am.

Check out our events, rides and clinics here: https://www.absolutebikes.net/events/

Absolute Bikes Repair Clinics!

Absolute Bikes, Sedona Clinics:

  • Trailside/Roadside flat tire and chain repair and more! Please RSVP by calling Absolute Bikes, Sedona at (928) 284-1242 or email sedona@absolutebikes.net.

Absolute Bikes Flagstaff Clinics:

  • Check back for more details on Leslie’s next series.

More on our rides and clinics here: https://www.absolutebikes.net/events/

Absolute Bikes is Northern Arizona’s E-Bike Specialists! We have certified e-bike techs on staff, bikes in store for demo and purchase and the expertise to get you riding farther and funner than ever before! Click here for an overview on e-bikes and info on how to try one out now! https://www.absolutebikes.net/sales/brands/bikes-that-we-sell/e-bikes/

We have a huge selection of Yakima, Kuat and Thule Car Racks, and most installations are free with purchase and done the same day! We have been the place to get a car rack in northern Arizona for over two decades. We stock racks for all applications, not only bikes! We have a great supply of small parts as well. Come see us and we’ll help you choose the best system for your needs. We have a bunch of car racks on sale, including some roof-top boxes and ski racks! Click here for details or stop by! https://www.absolutebikes.net/sales/closeouts-giftcertifcates-swag/

Did we do right by you? Please give us some social-media props! If we have done great work for you, we’d appreciate it if you could find some time to post a positive review on Google Reviews, Yelp or another web review site. These reviews can help guide folks to us so we can help them as well. Thank you!

You can apply for free financing online! We offer financing through Specialized/ Synchrony S-Card, and we have set up a link through our web site that allows you to apply easily at home. Click here for details: http://www.absolutebikes.net/sales/financing-and-layaways/  You could be riding your dream bike right now and take up to a year to pay it off! (A little tip for those who wind up not qualifying: sometimes a co-applicant can help get you approved.)

Be our Facebook Friend, follow our Tweets, check out our Instagram! The best way to stay up-to-date on our events, and to get some special deals is to “friend” us on Facebook.http://www.facebook.com/pages/Absolute-Bikes/98223130076 , http://twitter.com/absolutebikes , http://ink361.com/app/users/591804033/photos

Ride of the Month: South-west Sedona trails

This month’s ride comes courtesy of Slim Slammons! This ride has some challenging sections, but requires an intermediate skill level to ride most of it.

Drive west through Sedona on Highway 89A. Turn left onto Shelby Drive, drive to the trailhead parking where the street bears left.

Ride Ridge Trail south passing numerous trail intersection. You’ll eventually cross Chavez Ranch Road, a dirt road. Shortly after that, you’ll turn right onto Ram’s Head Trail. Follow Ram’s Head, back across Chavez Ranch Road, and turn right onto Old Post Trail.

Climb Old Post to a left hand turn onto Skywalker Trail. Either way will get you to Red Rock Loop Road at the intersection with Over Easy. Cross the paved road and head into the southernmost entrance to Red Rock High School, Sedona Red Rock High School Drive. Jump onto the trail at the trail head and stay left on Scorpion Trail at the intersection.

Enjoy the techy flow of Scorpion Trail, but be sure to make the right hand turn onto Pyramid Trail. Drop your seat at the pass for a pretty steep descent back to Red Rock Loop Road. Cross over to Chavez Ranch Road, and be looking for the left hand turn onto Old Post Trail. Ride up Old Post, again, but this time turn right onto Carroll Canyon Trail. You’ll Ride Carroll Canyon up and over to a right hand turn back onto Ridge, and back to your car.

As you ride in this area, notice the names of all of the intersecting trails, and use Trailforks or another trail app to keep various other loops in mind for future exploration. There are a ton of options in this area!

We recommend the Sedona Trails Map from Emmitt Barks Cartography for a great overview on this and other riding options in Sedona. Available at either Absolute Bikes location!


*See the full lists of ALL SALE STUFF: https://www.absolutebikes.net/sales/closeouts-giftcertifcates-swag/

2019 demo bikes for sale! Check this link for details! https://www.absolutebikes.net/sales/closeouts-giftcertifcates-swag/

We have a bunch of Yakima stuff on close-out!

Thanks for reading and thank you for your business!

The Absolute Bikes Staff- 

202 East Route 66
Flagstaff, AZ
6101 Highway 179, Suite C
Village of Oak Creek/Sedona, AZ
928-779-5969 Flagstaff
928-284-1242 Sedona

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