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Damage Protection


Rental damage protection is available to Absolute Bikes customers as a means of lessening the impact to our customers if a bike is damaged while riding, during a rental. We really do not want to charge folks for damage that occurs during a rental, so we seek to pro-rate that by offering this program.


  1. $10.00 per day, per bike.

What is covered:

  1. Damage to bike components, including the frame and fork, caused under normal riding conditions.

What is not covered:

  1. Damage as a result of transporting the bike in or on a vehicle, bicycle car rack, or trailer.
  2. Loss or theft of the bike.
  3. Damage as a result of negligence or abuse of the equipment, or any damage caused by a deliberate act to harm or destroy the equipment.
  4. Any damage that is covered under an existing insurance policy.
  5. Any damage that occurs without the Absolute Bikes Damage Protection fees being paid in advance.
  6. Riding off of established trails and roads.

All coverage is at the sole discretion of Absolute Bikes management, but as we stated above, it is not our goal to charge our customers additional money for their rentals! If there is existing damage to your rental bike please let us know and we can note it on your rental.