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Team Absolute Bikes

As you may already be aware, Absolute Bikes has a strong ethic for giving back to the local community. We want to help both the cycling community and the community at large, to thrive!

Team Absolute Bikes is one way that we are able to leverage our business towards these goals. We are big fans of bike racing, and bike racers, and these are things and people that we want to support. That said, we see this Team as a multi-faceted effort to facilitate racers and racing while benefiting the greater cycling community and the communities of Northern Arizona. In 2019, we paid out over $5000 in reimbursements which incentivized 800 hours of volunteer time towards trail maintenance and construction, Safe Kids bike rodeos, Bike to Work Week promotion and support, local race and ride support and more!

To summarize, we want to hook you up so that it is a little more affordable for you to race or ride your bike, and to provide an outlet to share some camaraderie with your riding buddies. In exchange, we want you to help us to build trails, get kids into riding, support charity cycling events, promote races, educate your fellow riders and last, but not least, to build our business. If Absolute Bikes thrives, we can continue to work with you, and the community at large, to make Northern Arizona a better place to live and ride.

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Summary of Team Absolute Bikes Program

Join our team!

Team enrollment is typically between October and January. Please contact us at flagstaff@absolutebikes.net if you’d like to become a member.

  • Pay $170 and commit to volunteering for 4 hours of community events or 8 hours of race event support.

Get stuff and deals!

  • Team jersey and shorts, t-shirt, hoody, socks and other cool schwag!
  • 10-15% off everyday (with Bro-Buddy Rebate Program qualification)!
  • Super discount (40%) on Specialized accessories order!
  • Up to 2 Specialized Bikes at 20% off!
  • Repair Labor at ½ price

Earn a gift certificate and/or cash event reimbursement!

  • Volunteering for two more events, (3 total), will start to earn you $40 per event!
  • At the end of the year, you can take the credit you’ve earned as a gift certificate or 75% of the credit as reimbursement for races or other cycling events.

Team Sponsors

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