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Why should I get an e-bike?

Extend your range and capability as a rider– Riding an e-bike feels just like riding a regular bicycle, except you can more easily go faster and farther. Many e-bikes require that you continue to pedal and will go faster if you pedal harder. If you enjoy riding a regular bike, but wish you could do longer rides or up your pace a bit, an e-bike may be just the thing for you! Additionally folks with physical limitations, like people with injuries or disabilities and folks “of a certain age”, may be able to effectively ride an e-bike when they cannot continue to reasonably use a traditional bicycle.

S-F_vado_2.0 If your commute has any substantial hills or is longer than a mile or two, an e-bike can help make your ride to work easier, more efficient and faster than riding a regular bike, and easier, less expensive, less stressful and way more fun than driving your car. It is much easier, and potentially cheaper, to park an e-bike than a car. Additionally, e-bikes can access routes that are inaccessible by car.

Reduce your carbon footprint- An e-bike can effectively replace many car trips and uses far less energy than an automobile. Because it has better range and speed than a traditional bicycle, you may be more apt to use it than a traditional bike to replace a car trip. Because an e-bike is easier to pedal, you can more comfortably use it to haul cargo and groceries than a traditional bike. An e-bike only uses a couple dollars of electricity every month, even with regular use.

Level the “playing field”- Maybe mom and the kids are avid cyclists and dad isn’t able to keep up on family rides. An e-bike can help make cycling an activity that the whole family can do together without leaving someone behind or struggling to keep up.

Ride more, explore more, and have more fun!– Even an avid and fit cyclist will have a great time riding an e-bike. Come by either of our shops and try out a e-bike for a quick ride…we think you’ll come back grinning!

Demo an e-bike!

We have several models of e-bike available to demo, including the full suspension Specialized Turbo Levo!

E-bike demos are $100 for a day, which is fully creditable towards the purchase of an e-bike from us.

Specialized Turbo Levo FSR Full-suspension

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Specialized Turbo Vado 2.0 Street Bike

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iZip Vibe Plus

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