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A well built bike rides better and lasts longer!

We take great pride in our thorough assembly process. Most bikes come to bike shops partially assembled. Some shops are satisfied with just bolting the remaining bits on, checking a few adjustments and selling the bike to you.

We basically disassemble, inspect and grease, (or Loctite, Ti-prep or carbon paste as appropriate), all of the parts on the bikes we sell. In addition, we use special tools, like tensiometers when we true wheels and torque wrenches when we tighten bolts on lightweight components, to assure that your bike is properly assembled to manufacturer specifications.

Every bike we sell is checked-over twice after initial assembly before you take it home.

Our goal is to send you on your first ride on your new bike with no hassles. New bikes do tend to settle in a little, and this is part of the reason we offer three free check-overs with every bike we sell. However, should your new bike need a minor adjustment immediately after your purchase, please swing by. We will do everything we can to dial it in while you wait.

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