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We always hire the best skilled and friendliest folks we can find!
Eric Brunk, Bike Assembler- If you have ever purchased a bike from us, it was probably assembled by Erik; he has been our bike assembler since 2000. His attention to detail is part of what makes our service second to none. His favorite pastimes include collecting frogs and building wind sculptures.
Kyle McKendree, Service Manager- Kyle has worked as a suspension tech for off road trucks and is a proficient welder and tinkerer. He is one of our best trouble shooters in the repair department. His favorite pastimes include making steaks and babies.
Jared Wesley, Sedona Location Manager- Jared has worked as a team mechanic for team RideClean. He is currently enrolled at Northern Arizona University seeking a degree in Recreation Management. His favorite pastimes include break dancing and playing drums in a 6/8 time signature.
Westley Grove, Grommit- Westley is genetically predisposed to mountain bike racing proficiency, being the offspring of an “OG” Flagstaff mountain biker. His dexterity with a broom is second to none. His favorite pastimes include spelling badly on Facebook and wiping out on group rides.
Nathan “6-8 Nate” Cain, Retail Manager, BG Fit Specialist– Nate is a local Flagstaff legend and cyclist extraordinaire. One of the friendliest people we have met, his passion for cycling in all its forms is unequaled. His favorite pastimes include shredding sick gnar and mixing beats.  
Ryan Geiger, Sales- Ryan has worked for us for years as one of our grommits and is now a sales guy. He races nationally and internationally and currently holds the U-23 record for the Leadville Classic Mountain Bike Race. His favorite pastimes include flier distribution and spelunking in the pain cave.  geigerusa
Randy Marshall, Service Manager, Sedona- Randy has worked with everything from high end road bikes to basic fixed gear commuters before finding his passion in mountain biking. He moved to Northern Arizona to follow the sweet single track as well as everything else outdoors. Randy has dabbled in competitive riding but now days you can find him cruising Shredona’s amazing Red Rock landscapes. His favorite pastimes are bikes, adulting, and having pro riders that come through the shop sign his chest.”  glorious
Ken Lane, Owner- Ken is the owner and founder of Absolute Bikes. He is a master bike mechanic, has built his own steel frames and currently is working on his accounts payable skills. His favorite pastimes include farming and playing hookey.  
MC, (“Mouse Controlla”), Shop Cat- MC has “worked” for us for the past couple of years. Originally employed to keep the shop rodent free, she mostly greets customers and begs for treats now. Her favorite pastimes include lap sitting and wildlife watching.  
 Jim Walmsley, Sales– We are pretty certain that Jim is a super-secret-spy for runners and is divulging all of the bicycling secrets to the running world’s glitterati, but we like him anyways. He has held the future of the human race in his hands, but acts like it was no big deal. His pastimes include running, running and running, but not navigation so much.  IMG_3579
Andy Lane, Mechanic– Andy “Crazy Train McLane” is dedicated to making sure every bike serviced or assembled at Absolute Bikes is functioning at its best. He is one of the fastest downhill racers in Northern Arizona, in part because he has one of the best functioning bikes in the region. His favorite pastimes include ripping face-melting guitar solos and plotting his defection to Whistler, BC.  
John Nichols, Sales John has recently transitioned from being one of our best “shop grommits” ever to being part of our sales team. He is incredibly resourceful and intelligent, which is why he is the only one who can load labels into the pricing gun. His favorite pastimes include rubbing shoulders with some of the most powerful people in the region and driving a tractor.  
Mikaela Ray, Sales, Rental Specialist– Mikaela, also known as “Linda” around the shop, grew up in Sedona, AZ shredding bikes since a wee- child! She loves to make sure you’re looking fly on your new bike with cool socks and trendy helmet. Favorite pastimes include: cooking, hiking, backpacking the Grand Canyon, traveling and, of course, riding bikes! “See you on the trails!”  image1
Chris Antonovics, Mechanic, BG Fit Specialist Chris is is a fair-weather bike racer and has worked as a service manager, sales manager and BG Fitter before coming to work for us. He has assisted post-doctoral bio-mechanics researchers in bike fit studies. His favorite pastimes include fire-eating and impersonating Dean Moriarty.  
Sam Simmons, Mechanic- Sam is frequently found mountain biking in the rain to get to a remote fishing hole so he can take selfies and be famous on the internet. In between these excursions he earns his living as a stand-up comedian and bicycle mechanic at Absolute Bikes. His favorite pastimes include wearing camo hats and drinking beer from a can.  IMG_5266
BJ Moyer, Mechanic- BJ is amongst the most polite and helpful people you’ll ever meet. His expertise in BMX helps to flesh-out Absolute Bikes’ position as a full service shop. He is equally well versed in most other aspects of bike repair as he has spent most of his life working in bicycle shops. His favorite pastimes include doomsday prepping and enjoying bacon.
Anita Switzer, Inventory Manager, Sales- Anita has an extensive background in engineering and patent laws. Her experience in bike racing and friendly disposition make her a stellar part of our staff. Her favorite pastimes include teaching her grandson how to ride bikes and shredding the gnar.  
Leslie Gilmore, Clinic Specialist- Leslie has worked for us as a mechanic and sales person in Flagstaff, and now organizes and teaches various clinic topics for our customers. She is now an actual scientist. Her favorite pastimes include singing opera and teaching Italian. (No really…)  Leslie Teaching
 Travis Glysson, Sales, SalesLittle known to even his closest friends, Travis was Ben Stiller’s body-double on both “Zoolander” and Zoolander 2″. He has an extensive history in road , mountain bike and motocross racing. His favorite color is taupe and his favorite pastimes include checking Instagram and making tea.  10409294_733053535599_5957111186128536664_n
Tanner Leslie- Apprentice Mechanic- Tanner is an up and coming dirt jumper. He just placed 5th in the Teva Mountain Games Bike Best Trick competition and won $600! His favorite pastimes include re-purposing pallets and hucks to flat.  
Anthony Quintile- General Manager and everything else- Anthony has worn many hats in the bicycle business, including helmets and baseball caps. His daily schedule is usually set well in advance by his cats, who are really the secret to his success. His favorite pastimes include eating pepperoncinis and trying to not have the lowest score in Halo.  12310658_10154382834989616_4933803742811408317_n
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