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Flagstaff’s trails are second to none! If you are looking for somewhere to get more fit, road riding at 7000 feet cannot be beat.

Flagstaff Trails

The mountain biking in Flagstaff consists of scores of shorter trails arranged in a network. This provides unlimited opportunities for making different rides, but also creates a challenge in conveying routes on a web site. We recommend that you stop in and we’ll get you set up with a map and some advice depending upon what kind of riding you want to do. We truly have something for everyone!

Below are only a few highlighted trails and systems that may or may not make up a whole ride alone, but certainly can be part of some rides while you are here. Stop if the shop for a much more comprehensive overview of where to mountain bike while in Flagstaff.


Flagstaff Road Rides

As mentioned, Flagstaff’s road rides are not very numerous, but they are world class! Many local rides pass through amazing scenery to stunning historic and geologic sites.We do have more road rides than listed below, so check in for other options after you’ve tried these.