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Hammer Nutrition HEED Sports Drink

Hammer Nutrition HEED Sports Drink
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Most “sports drinks” are the same—lots of sugar, salt, and citric acid. Hammer Nutrition HEED is a healthy, subtle-flavored alternative—complex carbohydrates, a balanced electrolyte profile, and essential nutrients balance blood sugar, buffer lactic acid, and ensure long-lasting energy. Xylitol and stevia are tooth-friendly sweeteners.

- Sustained energy, no sugar crash
- Complex carbohydrate formula, no added simple sugars
- Complete electrolyte profile for easy assimilation
- Buffers lactic acid
- Helps prevent cramps
- Gluten-Free and Vegan Friendly
- Contains no MSG
- Kosher Certified

Part Numbers

Option UPC MPN
602059012135 H01
602059012128 HL1
602059012166 HM1
602059012159 HS1
602059011978 HO12
602059011954 HL12
602059011961 HM12
602059011985 HS12
602059011664 HO16
602059011657 HL16
602059011671 HM16
602059011688 HS16
602059025883 HCB32
602059322135 HO32
602059322128 HL32
Mild Melon 602059322166 HM32
602059322159 HS32
602059025890 HCB80
602059802132 HO80
602059802125 HL80
602059802163 HM80
602059802156 HS80